+Everybody has a Podcast

Shooting Podcasters for Podfest 2022 was fantastic. The idea that had come to Daniel Stern and me had thought of – offering a more personal look at Berlin Podcasters – had worked like a charm for me. I had the great pleasure to meet interesting and outgoing people. To get to know them a bit better and of course to portray them in their home, I visited them in their Kiez. I watched how they recorded their Podcast, we talked and laughed and I took my photos.

What struck me most, was…

  • Almost all of them had just recently started podcasting – during the first lockdown.
  • The vast technical bandwidth they used, ranging from a microphone put up on the floor, to a fully-fledged recording studio with an editor and sound engineer.
  • The passion they showed for their topics, their ideas, their podcast and what they wanted to share.
  • And – most important – all of them were great to portray and photograph.
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+Everybody has a Podcast

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